Azar Sanat NURLU Plast

Quality Policy

Azar Sanat Nurlu Plast Company, a manufacturer of thermoplastic extrusion sections, as the first and largest manufacturer of polyamide sections in Iran, in order to maintain and enhance its position in the domestic market and become a leading company in the international arena, based on knowledge Technical personnel, use of modern machinery, dissemination and promotion of teamwork, maintenance of human resources, attention to environmental issues and sustainable development of the integrated system model based on the requirements of ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001 standards, customer and party requirements The beneficiary uses to achieve the following goals: Increasing customer satisfaction with regard to the rights of end consumers in order to maintain and enhance the company›s position Reduce costs by increasing efficiency, increasing production capacity of units, optimal use of existing facilities and personnel knowledge along with allocating the required resources to achieve quality goals in order to provide the best possible price to customers Improving the quality and quantity of products and adding new construction and industrial products in order to complete the product portfolio and meet the needs of customers in various industries Improving the training and safety of personnel in order to maintain human capital Attention to the expansion of the domestic market and efforts to increase exports to international markets by using the company›s manufacturing advantages All personnel of their company are obliged to strive with commitment, responsibility and full cooperation to create the conditions for implementation, establishment, development, increase the effectiveness of the system and achieve the above-mentioned goals in order to continuously improve the system and spare no effort. In addition to my commitment to continuously improve the effectiveness of the quality management system and my commitment to meeting the applicable requirements, I keep this policy under constant review and review it annually.
Managing Director

Zohreh Faraji