Rigid PVC Profiles

In the process of producing thermal break profiles, PVC strips are sometimes used instead of polyamide strips for reaching more affordable price. PVC type insulation strips have less thermal and cold resistance than polyamide strips. (70+ / 40-) For this reason, replacing these strips with polyamide, can be reasonable only in the case that the strips are sewn to profile after coloring them. Because of the possibility of deformation and melting of these strips exposed to high temperature of color coating furnaces is very high. PVC strips are produced according to the specific designs of window and window profiles. Due to the impossibility of placing these insulators in the color coating furnace, their use in the facade of the building is far more than double-glazed windows and doors. While considering the possibility of deformation of these materials over a long time on the building, the advantages of using polyamide instead of PVC should be all the time emphasized on. Therefore, though various any required shapes of Rigid PVC Profiles are provided by NURLU, but still the use of them in thermal break profiles is not suggested.
But the main and logical application of these profiles in the construction industry ,as insulator or separator in different parts of the aluminum windows and facades. In other industries, including heating and cooling systems, Rigid PVC Profiles can be used and have many applications as insulators in connecting lines between metals. Nurlu, with its numerous dies as well as the technology of designing and producing tailored profiles for customers, is ready to offer a variety of series of Rigid PVC Profiles to its customers.
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