PA Bolt Operating Profiles

In the construction of double-glazed aluminum doors and windows, an additional system called a bolt is used to install the lock and handle in a variety of hinged and sliding systems. Previously, the most common additive system used were aluminum locking Bolts. Polyamide bolts are another popular type of add-on system for assembling all kinds of handles and locks. Nurlu polyamide bolts have a three-channel design and in addition to balancing the external air pressure with the inside of the profile to facilitate water drainage, makes the windows thoroughly insulated.

Special Compound

Nurlu has produced a high-strength polyamide bolt using special polyamide compound reinforced with glass fiber, which, in addition to good flexibility, has a very high impact resistance. This special compound, in addition to its unique properties, makes it possible to create a completely smooth, glossy and polished surface for the profile The polyamide bolt code 917620, with its special design, is compatible with a variety of fittings, including GIESSE and ROTO systems.
Azar Sanat NURLU Plast

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